Linear - Design. Not. Art.


Design. Not. Art.

LINEAR is a Berlin-based duo that creates basic design objects for young urban living. Decorative and simple, fancy and elegant, our objects are – above all – how we define ourselves: LINEAR.
Our production line launches with a selection of wall-hangings that aim to manifest design instead of being art: a symbiosis of craft and modern style.

Each wall-hanging is available in various subjects, as well as in different colors and sizes. All of our objects are handmade and produced in small editions.
Our goal is to create design objects that will attract and inspire people to want and, eventually, demand more from the spaces we inhabit.

Alessia Mandanici

Alessia Mandanici is the creative mind behind LINEAR, in charge of design. After studying Communication Design at the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences in Wiesbaden, she decided to push the boundaries of urban living by co-founding LINEAR with Rouven and making Berlin her home. Furthermore she works as a freelance designer, specializing in the moving image and photography.

Rouven Heine

Rouven Heine is what you might call an artistically gifted “life-stylist”. After studying Business Administration and Architecture at the University of Applied Sciences in Wiesbaden, he worked for the automotive industry, and decided to found LINEAR with Alessia after moving to Berlin. He not only distributes, but also produces each object by hand and represents the “visible” part of Linear. Rouven brings his soft-touch and manual skills, as well as his commercial eye to LINEAR.